Where it all started.

For the last 15 years or so, I have struggled with depression and anxiety. There have been periods when one or both are dormant, but there have also been periods when one or both has put me at a really low point. Throughout my life, I have found several things to ebb the depression (food, TV, sex, etc.). Basically, I become obsessive with something and it distracts my brain enough to stop the debilitating thoughts. This is not always the most productive or healthy method, but it is what my life has been. I am telling you this background because last Christmas, I was at an especially low point. Having been there before, and recognizing the signs, I anticipated the worst.

As you can maybe tell from this blog, I have a pretty healthy sex drive, and I think about sex a lot. One night during this depressive episode, I was bored and decided I wanted to read something dirty. Instead of the rational and easy choice of getting on Amazon and buying a dirty book (I really don’t know why this didn’t even cross my mind), I went on an old site that I used to frequent as a teen, Literotica. I started reading a story, and quickly became obsessed. [Note: in case anyone is interested, I will be doing a post on my favorite stories read on that site].

This spiraled since then, expanding on to many, many books on my kindle, a lot on Wattpad, and a few other sources. Throughout these past 10 months, I have basically only read “romance” stories (see here to find out how I define romance). It has not only helped me deal with my mental struggles, but also has helped me find new kinks (hellllloooo BDSM) that I never really knew I had.

So now, I am using this blog to document all of the stories and books that I read, taking note of my thoughts and overall impressions from each. I have read so much that I want a catalog (of sorts) that I can reference, and hopefully it will come in handy to someone else looking for good recommendations.

Join me on this journey, won’t you?