Hi there. If you found this page, you are probably wondering what kind of depraved human being runs this website. I am just a girl pretending to be an adult while navigating my 20s as best as I can. I have always been a reader, but became quite obsessive with it during my last battle with depression. It became my escape from my overactive brain, and I haven’t looked back since.

As you have probably noticed, I tend to enjoy “romance” novels, particularly with a touch (or a lot) of dirty stuff involved.

Note: I use the term romance quite loosely, as some readers feel that romance means bare-chested pirates, candlelight dinners, and use of the word “turgid” more than I’m comfortable with. I am more a fan of passionate novels (read: smut), but I will most likely review a little of everything on this blog.

You’ll also notice that I review published novels as well as stories I read on Wattpad and Radish (they’re authors too!). Also that I have a wide taste in the dirty themes. I have a soft spot for certain themes, but I will read just about anything, including some things that may be offensive to some people; I will post warnings on these posts.

More than anything, this is a place for me to organize my thoughts on the many books I read so that I can go back and remember how much I love and/or hate certain characters and/or novels.

If you stumbled upon this blog, I hope you find something worthwhile. If you have any questions, concerns, or recommendations, feel free to contact me at marydeanreads@gmail.com.

Note: My favorite kinks/story themes are:

  • BDSM- mostly bondage and Dom/sub, but also sometimes I will read some of the harder sadism/masochism stuff
  • Taboo relationships- this will encompass some of the others I put on here, but I really like the star-crossed lovers thing.
    • Step-brother or Step-father- I know some people take issue with these, but I enjoy them on occasion.
    • Workplace romance- I will take any and all of these. Especially where the characters are in a law setting (why? I have no clue).
    • Student/Teacher- there is something inherently hot about the idea of seducing a teacher. Everyone knows it.
  • Enemies to lovers- this is probably my favorite story theme. There’s just so much passion in these stories (and the sex is usually SO HOT)